Monthly Archives: July 2012

Interessting art project, making passport for Romani people


I’m starting to look at birds emigrating between Norway and Palestine (started there to have a starting point and to find the link between the places). The birds moves freely between, but not humans…

Many passports have birds on the cover, as a symbol of freedom. But if we are supposed to be free like the birds, why have passports…

and what about for example the passports for minorities, like gypsies and the romani people? new people is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for me as an artist and as a person. Today I finally met Nihal Afana, a filmmaker from Gaza that lives in Tromsø. Together with the other artists from the Stitch Project we met her and had a very good conversation on what she is doing, Gaza, our project, life and art.

Art is the language for peace. Nihal Afana

It’s inspiring that she is a storyteller who is sharing from her own experience. Storryteller in the way of sharing her stories and fromher own life.