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These photos are from a wonderful weaving centre in Egypt, in a village just outside Cairo. The yarn is dyed with plants grown at the centre, they start to learn to weave from they are children. They dont give them any patterns, just teaching them the techniques and letting them develope their creative skills. Their …

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Gauze Gaza

The gauze is know to be from Gaza, it’s said some places that it was a weaving centre of the world. I don’t know if there is anyone left that weaves Gauze in Gaza any longer. It is something I will try to find out. gauze is a fabric that is fragile and seethroug, i think it could be a material that would be very interessting to work on in Gaza.

At some time it was 500 handlooms in the village of Majdal. Majdal is now occupied by Israel and is not far from Gaza. Many of the weavers was deported to Gaza. There are still some weavers left in Gaza and at the Aftula centre for deaf children they are keeping alive the craft of the traditional weaving from Majdal.