Monthly Archives: April 2013

This work is comming here, because I want to work on the 1000 bird project in public space. I found this work very interesting. A work done in the streets, available to everyone, in the streets of Paris. And its about the materials, the soft, textile of context with the hard asphalt. 




This is embroidery between embroidery and graffiti. I like the idea of using embroidery to express something in the public space and to use a spontaneously, free expression. But the time embroidery takes I believe can add a different depth to it.

It’s really inspiring to see what she do in public spaces, like festivals and her collaboration with grafitti artist. Check out:

faig2I include a link to his work, because he is a textile artist working between traditions and contemporary art and I like the way he play with the traditions and material to look at it differently.

Boetti made a range of works in Afghanistan. There is a photographer who photographed the women embroidering his work. He made huge embroidery works made by the women, it also a story about all the hands that made the work.  I think that it became visible the work behind, gives a different reading of the work, and also a discussion. He is a male, white artist using many Afghan women to sew for him. But on the other hand, he involve them in his work, and let them be a part,  by make them visible as a part. ImageImageImageImage

manal-al-dowayan-suspended-together-small-234392_0x745 manalaldowayan02__large-600x393 suspended-1-600x399I met this work in Venice. It’s a work of a Saudi Arabian artist. It has 200 doves printed with travel documents from Saudian women from 6 months to 60 years, all suspended together.

As I have been working with paper birds as we are kind of like paper birds, birds are intended to fly free, but we need the papers to be allowed to “fly free”.