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I wanted to show this work, because she works with textile and poetry. 

Nets arrived today and I have been drifting through it all day. I say “drifting” because it encourages a kind of drifting or floating attention that I associate with looking at cloud studies or with dreaming. It was strange, too, because I was just reading a book called *Veils,* a collaboration between Cixous and Derrida—and then your book of veils / nets arrived. I love the way some words/phrases seem to band together while others seem to meet or miss each other across vast distances (who knew the sonnets covered so much ground!). There is such a poignancy here—or maybe a plangency—that comes from your vision of the words as so tenuously connected. They seem to be on a long and uncertain journey. In your 21st century Shakespeare, the difficulty of communication—the possibility that souls never touch—is beautifully delineated. I have been focusing primarily on the bolded text, and yet the unbolded text is also there in my reading—sometimes as merely a sound blur, the rush in the mind of words that never find their way—articulate—into our voices. These words seem further away—in time and space—they seem to come from a dictionary almost bled white. But they exert a tremendous power—and while at first I thought they were quiet, later they seemed to be roaring. And those that arise in bold out of them almost seem to be escaping something.”

—Marta WernerImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


A stitch is a named thing and stitching is a named thing an stitching is an action, like speaking, through which the thing is brought into the space of encounter along the endless chain of manifestation of stitching, whether verbal or material, denotative or connotative.

From “Dialog Stitching with Metonymy” by Victoria Mitchell