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Dear Data is a year-long, analog data drawing project using postcards by the designers Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec.

It´s related to my MA as they are using postcard as a form of communication. The continuity of the project is interesting and something also for me to think about. That could be something to think about and the fact of leaving a space to draw on one side.

Giorgia_DearData_42_Back Giorgia_DearData_42_Front Stefanie_DearData_42+back Stefanie_DearData_42+front


Mazzarella is born in Boston, USA, working as an artist in different corners of the world. He work with different communities around the world, arranging festivals and so on.

For the jubilee of the Norwegian constitution a large scale exhibition was organized by Akershus Kunstnersenter called 1814 – revisited.

His work was based on participation with the local communities and giving a space of expression and generate it back to public space locally.

Photos and an interview with the artist about the project in Lillestrøm is included in the post. 11755830_1002096649822219_8061413225960277193_n sp_0251finaliii_nett_940_wide sp_0285_final_nett_940_wide10387304_869391913092694_2005025240503774638_n1400178_869391906426028_84308281231625605_o


At Svalbard there is a Russian mining town, it’s called Pyramiden. Only few people are left and the artist is staying there and making interviews with the people, photographing the nature. i was taken by the narratives and how she/he told the stories. Worked really well. Gave a excess to a place that is much in dispute with claims from different part of the worlds, since its exactly what the title says. It’s kind of a off the map place, a non-place.

Her work is really great and leaves you with a monumental experience, dislocation of time of time and space, leaving you in a emotional change with a gap in the everyday routine and reflection on the travel you will make from the train station, being to work or a journey out in the world. panoramacaratula timthumbtania_ruiz_g

Born in Chile, raised in Colombia and living in France since 1999, Visual Artist Tania RUIZ GUTIERREZ trained as a film-maker. She initially focused mainly in video projections, her works now include objects and mixed-media installations, which have appeared in several international exhibitions and festivals. Public space is a central subject of her artistic research and practice. Main works on this field are GardeTemps – a light, video based, permanent sculpture for the City of Vancouver- and Elsewhere, a monumental permanent video installation for the new Malmö Central Station, opened in December 2010. She currently teaches at the Art Department of The University of Paris VIII.

Blind Spots (2015)

In light of the current situation where an increasingly heated political climate is shaping the rhetoric and discussion concerning migrants and refugees – we wish through this symposium to investigate the agency of art and artists working with these matters or within related fields.


September 17, 19-22

Inter Arts Center (IAC)

Bergsgatan 27 ( 3rd-4th floor), Malmö, SE

19.00 We will meet in the blind spot, artist presentation of the project by Maj Hasager (DK), Swedish premiere of the film and launch of her publication Making Visible published by Woodpecker Projects.

20.30 Bifurcating futures, performance with dancer Maria Concetta Borgese (IT) and vinyl record release of Bifurcating Soundscape by composer Ask Kæreby (DK).


September 18, 13-17

Malmö Konstmuseum

Malmöhusvägen 6, Malmö, SE

OBS: Registration is necessary for participation at Malmö Konstmuseum:

13.00 Introduction

13.10 CAMP (Center for Art and Migration Politics)

– represented by Tone Olaf Nielsen

13.35 Ibrahim Mahama, artist

14.00 Silvia Litardi, curator

14.25 Coffee break

14.45 UNICORN – artists in solidarity

15.10 Discussion, moderated by Maria Kjær Themsen

16.00 Socialising

Lectures and discussions will be held in English.


Maj Hasager (DK)

Maria Concetta Borgese (IT)

Ask Kæreby (DK)


Tone Olaf Nielsen (DK)

Ibrahim Mahama (GH)

Silvia Litardi (IT)

Maria Kjær Themsen (DK)



September 17, 19-22

Inter Arts Center (IAC)

Bergsgatan 27 ( 3rd-4th floor), Malmö, SE


September 18, 13-17

Malmö Konstmuseum

Malmöhusvägen 6, Malmö, SE

With support from

Malmö kulturnämnd (SE)

Kultur Skåne (SE)

Statens kunstfond (DK)

© Lorenzo Romito, Oceano Europa, 2014

The symposium Blind Spots will explore a number of different artistic practices operating in a social and political context over two days. In order to expand the critical perspectives, practitioners and institutions in the Oresund region as well as transnational agents are invited to contribute with their perspectives in relation to art and migration. The focus will be on questions concerning inclusion/exclusion, activism/art, empowerment/representation and the artist’s role when working in political contexts. The symposium is also an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with practitioners in the field of art dealing with migration through different approaches.

Situated between documentary and fiction, the presented film We will meet in the blind spot by Maj Hasager relays stories of the Esposizione Universale di Roma (EUR) district in Rome. The EUR was built during the fascist rule of Mussolini to represent a »Third Rome« but wasn’t completed until the 1960’s, when it was eventually finished under very different purposes of urban planning. Through encounters with the local Filipino community centered around a church in EUR, personal accounts and stories are compiled, that are often lacking within the Italian and European debate on migration. The following performance and record release relates to the research into totalitarian architecture as part of the expanded project We will meet in the blind spot.

The symposium Blind Spots is organized by Woodpecker Projects and artist Maj Hasager in collaboration with Inter Arts Center, Malmö (IAC) and Malmö Konstmuseum.