Monthly Archives: November 2015

In this work (2006) Susanne Bosch engages people in different places in the city through an art performance of a card game about migration and work. I got interested in this work because of the playfulness of the performance and the space for communication it makes through the game and the cards. The graphic visualization of the cards are easy to read and gives layers of meaning when they are played out in the game.


  1. Art is only relevant when it communicates beyond the art world
  2. Art s a conversation trigger
  3. Art has a disloyal character

1. Only when art reaches beyond the art world is it relevant. The power of art is in it´s relevance more that it´s being of art. Art can make it´s own relevance into any layers of the society. For me art is an exercise of making concerns that are in between, in the margins and has a latent potential and activate new narratives. Through making relevance, new questions arises.

2. Art has the function of creating conversations and turn into language, through which new meaning can be made. My art projects has the aim of triggering conversations that can create new questions rather than answers.

3. Art is not loyal to neither it´s own field or other fields. Art doesn’t need to operate in the axis of truth and fiction, but be free to operate on several levels and freely move in and out of different fields. This means that selections are based on other criteria than science can be made. For me this gives me freedom to explore various fields and use the materials with my own logics and concerns.